Without verification, values are unknown. Building a customer’s trust is difficult without successful and qualified testing.

Our testing centre specializes in testing heavy and large products, although we also accept testing small components. Your equipment can be exposed to long-term, extreme climatic and mechanical conditions. Our testing centre maintains top European standards.

Climatic tests

Testing under an extreme temperature and humidity range. Functional and comparative testing of various equipment types. The largest climatic chamber in the Czech Republic.

Vibration tests

Testing mechanical resistance along a single axis or all three axes simultaneously. Vibration tests for large and heavy components weighing up to 10 tonnes. Vibration tests can be combined with climatic testing.

Thermodynamic Tests

Test lab for HVAC units, heat exchangers, and fans. Measurement of heating and cooling capacity, energy consumption, airflow, and other parameters.

Electromagnetic compatibility testing

We determine whether the tested equipment has any impact on its surroundings or the equipment itself, and whether it can endure the impact of its environment.

Material tests

We check the resistance of materials to corrosion and UV radiation.

Components testing

We test compressors designed for refrigeration and air conditioning units, fans, and electric machines.

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European Test Centre Prague

The European Test Centre (ETC) Prague with its headquarters in Hostivice is a top European testing centre.

The latest technologies let us test your equipment under genuine extreme conditions and in accordance with the strictest certifications.

The largest test labs in the Czech Republic

The largest test labs in the Czech Republic.

We test buses, trams, trucks, military and industrial machines and equipment, and other similar equipment.

Testing under extreme temperatures

Testing under extreme temperatures

No experiment is too extreme for us. Temperatures from –70 °C to +180 °C are replicated.

Vibration tests

Vibration tests

Vibration tests of large and heavy components weighing up to 10 tonnes.



While tests are conducted, simultaneous expert analysis can be done and options for improvement proposed. We test prototypes as well as equipment operating under real conditions.



We meet the strictest domestic and international standards, including those issued exclusively to test our reliability.


Invitation to Chillventa 2022
6. 10. 2022

Invitation to Chillventa 2022

We cordially invite you to Nuremberg for the Chillventa 2022 exhibition from October 11th to October 13th, 2022 to our stand 101 in Hall 5, where we will be happy to discuss with you how we can help you with the testing and validation of your products.

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Picture: Isispace
20. 9. 2022


In cooperation with company ISISPACE, we conducted vibration tests of the CubeSat bus in our electrodynamic vibration table TIRA.
Picture: Nissens Cooling Solutions
28. 7. 2022

Nissens Cooling Solutions

The shock and vibration test according to EN IEC 61373 passed a heat exchanger from the company Nissens for railway vehicles. The test was carried out in our multi-axial vibration test room.
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