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The European Test Centre (ETC) specializes in testing heavy and large products. Your equipment can also be exposed to long-term, extreme climatic conditions in the ETC test labs. Our testing centre maintains top European standards. We are equipped with cutting edge facilities, unique expertise, and are proud of many years’ tradition.

Besides testing, we also focus on applied research and development, concentrating on the future of transportation and stationary refrigeration. New principles for mobile refrigeration and HVAC unit drives, introduction of alternative coolants (including natural coolants), or new disinfection systems in stationary and mobile equipment and air-conditioning are examples of our outcomes in this area.

Operation commenced at the Ringhoffer factory in Smíchov, one of the country’s largest and most successful industrial companies at the time. The company’s test lab was transformed into the Research Institute for Refrigeration and Food Machinery. Ing. Vladimír Ibl (1907–1979), the leading Czech expert in HVAC technology, was appointed Director and attracted many experts from around Czechoslovakia to the organization.
An award for outstanding work in transportation solutions allowing loss-free food transportation was granted by the state.
An award for successful development granted by the state.
The restructured Institute for Researching Food and Refrigeration Technology (VÚPCHT) contributed to the development and testing of a range of important products for the national economy.
A separate Institute for Researching Refrigeration Technology (VÚCHT) was established, expanding its activities outside the food industry.
The Institute for Researching Refrigeration Technology (VÚCHT) in Smíchov became part of the Thermo King company.
Thermo King was acquired by the Ingersoll Rand company. Ingersoll Rand Equipment Manufacturing CR, s.r.o. is established.
Moved from Ostrovský street in Smíchov to new facilities built in Hostivice comprising two large modern buildings for testing and research. The ETC administrative building provided excellent work facilities for up to 90 experts.
The facilities in Hostivice expanded with a third building for an air compressor test lab.
The division of Ingersoll Rand creates a new successor company, Trane Technologies..

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